The simple and functional Wendela chair

This is Wendela, a lovely chair that was designed by Christoph Seyferth. The shape or overall design of the chair is not very impressive as it’s a standard creation but with small adjustments and with a modern twist. However, when you analyze it closely, you realize that it’s not a common chair. It’s in fact a combination of several traditional designs that have been put together to form a more or less original design.

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The Wendela chair is compact and features a very simple and basic seat. Yet, it’s surprisingly comfortable. Even though it might not look impressive, it surprises with its comfort. The designer decided to impress with the choice of materials and managed to come up with a lovely and contrasting design where old meets new. The seat is curved, friendly and comfortable. It’s also thin and flexible and made of layered beech wood. Surprisingly, it was created from a mold originally produced in the 1950s.

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The frame or base however is a contemporary creation and it’s made of aluminum. Notice that the visible connection between the seat and base has been left like that on purpose, as a reference to the traditional models. So the Wendela chair is both beautiful and comfortable. But this is not all. Since it has been made of lightweight and waterproof materials, it’s also a very versatile piece of furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The beech seat can have either lighter or darker finishes and the aluminum base comes in matte white, black or anodized gold.