The simple and chic Cupertino Cantilever desk

The Cupertino Cantilever desk impressed with its sleek design. It’s a sturdy piece of furniture but with an unusual design. It seems to be out of balance and yet that’s not the case. The desk is crafted using traditional woodworking techniques that include mitered and half-blind dovetails in this case.The shape of the desk is unusual. It has a rectilinear silhouette elevated from the ground by a minimal maple base. We could say that the desk has two separate parts. One of them is the compact set of drawers. It’s great for storing documents, office supplies and all sorts of objects.

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However, this square unit rests on an oblique piece of wood. Moreover, the top of the desk is continued and thus forming the actual desk.The floating piece of desk seems to have no visible support and yet it’s very strong and sturdy. The desk is crafted from black walnut and hard maple. Its overall dimensions are 24″ W x 58″ L x 29.5″ H.

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Since it’s such an unusual and unique piece, the desk is not found in stores. However, you can order a similar piece by e-mail. The price for this original and elegant piece is $4900. It’s stylish and minimalist and it would look wonderful in offices, bedrooms, living room, libraries, studios and anywhere else you can find a place for it.