The Sensei chair/table set by Claudio Sibille

Wherever we go we are surrounded by furniture. This means that there are a lot of designers that worked hard for that. However, few of them manage to surprise us with designs such as the Sensei furniture collection. Sensei is the name of a furniture set that includes two modular pieces.

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The surprising thing about them is that they could be used either as chair or as a table. The two modular pieces have a very clever design that allows them to be used separately as two lovely and comfortable chairs but they can also be put together as a puzzle and they become a very practical table. I find this design incredibly functional and practical.

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Such a set could be very useful in an office. I would also love to have it in my home. You never know when you could need some extra chairs or a table. This multi-functional furniture set was designed by Claudio Sibille. Not only that it’s a multi-functional and modular set but the pieces look good both separately and when combined. It’s a very interesting concept that also allows us to save tons of space. I also admire the fact that the designer managed to come up with this creation without sacrificing style. In fact, the black and white combination is very beautiful and the shape and the overall design are not bad either.