The Sedgwick inspired from classic French club chairs

Imagine how it would be to watch TV from an uncomfortable, rough chair or to have some guests at your home, and to put them to sit on some chairs without backrest or tapestry for several hours. It wouldn’t be so comfortable, believe me, because instead of focusing on relaxation and socialization, your mind will be at your back pain. A recliner would be the perfect solution to avoid this problem, and don’t forget that an armchair is an important accessory in a living room, bedroom or on a patio. I think that Sedgwick recliner could be an option for you.

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Inspired by classic French club chairs, the Sedgwick’s simplified silhouette is updated with slim arms, a push-back reclining mechanism and advanced  upholstery with light gray top-stitching. Its simple lines and shapes, solid wooden frame and legs with chocolate-stained finish makes from this armchair the adequate piece of furniture for your living room. This place along with a modern lamp and round table will transform this piece in a must have, because reading or gossiping wouldn’t be the same without it.

Sedgwick reclinerView in gallery

Its  dimensions are 36.5”w x29”d x 39”h under which you will find a hidden steel pushback mechanism with  three settings  that will make the difference, not  like your grandpa’s recliner, but an elegant and sophisticate piece of furniture. If you want to embellish the recliner, you can try decorating it with colorful pillows, because it will certainly make it look better.Available for 564 euros.