The Secret To Taking Beautiful Photos Of Your Home

Knowing how to showcase your home is very important especially when your goal is to find a buyer. Photography is a very important tool for marketing. So if you want to attract buyers or to simply present your home in a very desirable way, you better learn how to take beautiful photos. There are four important elements that contribute to a great photo. They each have a big impact on the overall result and you should master them all for great results.

1. Light.

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The first element you should pay attention to is light. It’s important to know how to use light in your favor when taking a photo. A good tip is to take photos in the morning if you want the east side to look as good as it can. To make the west side really shine you should use your time in the afternoon wisely. In the case of the north and south side, simply take the photos whenever the light is bright. Another important tip is to try to balance the extremes. For example, try to add light to the dark areas and to pull the drapes in if the light is too bright.{image from David Duncan}.

2. Exposure and focus.

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Another very important detail when taking photos of your home is to avoid over- and under-exposing the photos. This is not very simple to do and it can be a difficult thing to execute but a good tip that can help is to use the tripod, to take a long exposure and to then use the preview function to study the depth and to adjust.{image from site}.

3. Staging.

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Before you take a photo, look at the composition and decide whether or not you’re happy with the elements that are in and out of the frame. You might want to move things around in order to get the right composition. Try to make each area look rich and to add depth to your photo.{image by Kevin}.

4. Framing and composition.

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When you photograph one area of your home, take a good look at the composition and see if it draws you in. It might be difficult to be detached but it’s essential for the space showcased in the photo to make you want to walk into that room, to want to be there. If you need some inspiration, find some photos that you like in magazines, analyze them and try to recreate them.{image from John}.