The Sea Ranch Residence For a Family of Two

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This compact contemporary structure is the Sea Ranch Residence. It’s located in Denmark and it was a project by Todd Verwers Architects. The residence was designed for a Danish consul and his wife. It was a designed as a weekend getaway and not a full-time home. It’s also a place for informal entertaining and holiday fun.

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The house is situated on a sloping lot and building it wasn’t easy in these conditions. Still, the architects managed to turn this inconvenient in their favor and they created a lovely home that offers beautiful views over the Pacific Ocean from the downslope.

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On the back side of the house there was an existing grove of redwood trees that has been preserved. It’s a very useful addition and it provides intimacy for the residents while also protecting the house from harsh winds. As for the house itself, it’s both modern and traditional, it has a beautiful architecture and the interior rends to be a little Nordic.

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It’s a very beautiful and inviting home. It’s bright and spacious and it features a functional division of spaces. The main living areas are oriented towards the coast in order to benefit from the panoramic views. The house has large windows and this further enhances the views. The panels of translucent glass are a very good choice in this case. They provide privacy when needed and they also let in the natural sunlight.