The SCRW Stool by Manuel Welsky

After presenting the Screw Me Lamp, designer Manuel Welsky is back with another creative product called SCRW Stool. It’s a stool that was created using the same idea and principle as the lamp. It would look nicely in the same room as the lamp. The SCRW Stool was created and modeled after a piece of cork which twists into a metal frame. The idea is very simple but also very ingenious.

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It’s simple things like this one that make you realize how easy it can sometimes be to come up with a genius idea. This stool is based on the principle of screwing and the design and shape make this thing very clear from the beginning. It’s a new interpretation of the screw but this time in the shape of a stool. Adopting the idea was very clever. The principle also goes really well with the basic elements of the stool. In fact, it makes the height adjustment self-explanatory and easy.

The SCRW Stool by Manuel WelskyView in gallery

The SCRW Stool by Manuel Welsky1View in gallery

The design of the stool is also very simple. There’s not much to adapt and change, except for the dimensions. The SCRW Stool is made from a high-quality steel pipe that was sued for the frame. The seat or body of the stool is made of cork material. It’s an ingenious and very comfortable piece of furniture, a nice element to add in modern homes.