The Scary Shark Lamp by Aleksander Mukomelov

The marine world hosts many beautiful, interesting and fascinating but even dangerous beings and things. It is important that we know all about them in order that we enjoy their existence and can prevent some unfortunate moments if it is the case. Nature hides many interesting and valuable secrets and our mission is to discover them.

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Shark is a marine predator. Its scary appearance frightens its enemies and even us. It has a big construction and takes advantage of all that means food for it especially when he feels the smell of fresh flesh and blood.

Aleksander Mukomelov used its scary appearance and created an interesting lamp which takes the shape of a shark’s wing that comes out of water. Maybe he thought of those of us who are afraid of being alone in the darkness. Now we can use this special lamp to scary the dark around us and feel stronger and more confident.

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Just think of the strength, ferocious teeth and cunning way of hunting of a shark and you will feel more secure with a lamp like this by your side. Darkness and its imaginary creatures will fade away in front of this blinding and scaring appearance and you will feel stronger and more secure.