10 Coffee Tables that Incorporate the Rule of Three

Any decorator will tell you there are certain rules to follow as you begin to curate the decor in your home. Like what size a rug should be and where to hang your curtains. They are rules that really make your space look better and more pulled together. One of these decorating laws we call the Rule of Three and it’s much more simple than you might think. Basically, things look better in threes. That’s all there is to it! Three colors in your color scheme, three textures in your throw pillows, three frames on your wall. While it’s true that any odd number of decor looks better than even numbered decor, three is just easier to manage and style. Especially when we’re talking about living room coffee tables, a space you want styled but not stuffed with decor. Take a look at these 10 coffee tables that incorporate the rule of three and then go apply the rule to your own coffee table.

Simple coffee table floral booksView in gallery

Your coffee table doesn’t have to be large to accommodate the rule of three. Use a simple selection of three particular pieces to fit on the current table in your small living room. This gives you the ability to play with height and color for interest, rather than fretting over objects.

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You know how they say that fresh flowers bring a room to life? Well here is your excuse to keep a bouquet around. A vase full of seasonal flowers is always a welcome addition to your coffee table and can automatically be counted as one object of three.

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Once you have your vase of flowers, it’s usually pretty easy to find your second piece because you already have some artsy thing you love to display. So what on earth do you do for number three? Easy. Bring out those favorite coffee table books.

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Before you go throwing away those old vases, consider the idea of displaying them on your coffee table. Group them or stack them, either way they provide a space for greenery or storage.

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Candlesticks might seem like an antique decorating option, but they actually make a lovely addition to a coffee table. In all shapes and sizes, it’s a simple way to bring height and variety to your living room, not to mention lovely candlelight.

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Don’t forget to add some pop in your rule of three. When deciding on colors, pick something in a metallic shade to give your coffee table a bit of sparkle and shine.

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Is your coffee table the kind with two levels? Then you just get double the styling fun! While you’re thinking about your florals and books and art pieces, don’t forget to style both the top and bottom for maximum effect.

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Some people use their coffee table surface hard for board games and puzzles and homework. If that describes your family, style your three objects on a tray so you can easily swipe it away when you need the surface for something else.

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For the seasoned decorators among us, feel free to think beyond three objects. You can use three groupings of objects as well and you’ll achieve the same effect. In fact your coffee table will probably be the most interesting.

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Minimalists listen up. You can also apply the rule of threes on your modern coffee table with three objects that are exactly the same. Three candles, three potted succulents, three vases, whatever you choose it will make your living room feel lived in.