The Ruiz-Maasburg Penthouse Featuring Modern and Minimalist Style

Here’s a penthouse that is located in Madrid, Spain. It was designed by Spanish architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez and it’s an example of modern and minimalist elements that work together to form a chic interior design. It’s a small penthouse and it’s situated in the center of Madrid. Because the space is so valuable nowadays and every square meter counts, the designer has tried to efficiently use every little space available.

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This place is a combination of efficiency, aesthetics and function. The result is harmonious home waiting for love.The décor that you see here is in an attic measuring only 60 sq meters. To these you can add the 50 sq meters of terrace/patio and you get the entire space.Considering the small space available, crowding the place with a lot of furniture and decorations would have only made the situation worst.

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So instead of doing that the designed chose to create a very simple, actually minimalist interior design.For that the designer used light colors, especially white for the walls, floor and ceilings. Basic theatre tricks have also been used in order to achieve much wider spatial perceptions. The décor is dynamic and sometimes it even seems to defy gravity, like in the hallway for example. The lights also play an important role in the décor and they add profundity and depth, creating a harmonious contrast.