The romantic Akrothalassia retreat in Corfu special for Valentine’s Day

Akrothalassia is the name of a secluded but very beautiful property located on the north east coast of Corfu, a Greek Island in the Ionian Sea.The property is very beautiful and it offers amazing views over the sea and the surrounding landscape. The villa is situated deep within a private olive grove, just a few steps away from the sea. In fact, the name Akrothalassia is literally translated as “on the water’s edge” and this pretty much sums up the profile of this property.

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It’s a very private property, perfect for a romantic getaway. The villa doesn’t have a particularly luxurious look. It seems rather modest but yet imposing. Most of the items from the interior are traditional and have a vintage look. The colors are not particularly striking either. The interior is mostly gray and brown. However, this creates a very nice contrast with the exterior.

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The property has a Jacuzzi bath that offers splendid views of the sea and the offshore islands. It’s definitely a small romantic paradise. It would make a great location for the Valentine’s Day. Despite its gray look, the property is contemporary. It has a minimalist design that has been chosen on purpose. This way it’s not like all the other luxurious and striking properties but it still offers everything the guests need and more.

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The villa features a grass-covered roof, a pool and a beautiful living area. It’s perfect for couples who seek romantic moments combined with adventure. Because the views and the surrounding landscape are so beautiful, the property offers several outdoor living and dining spaces. This way you can have breakfast while admiring the sea or simply relax with the trees and the islands in the background.