The Rockhouse Hotel in Negril,Jamaica

The Rockhouse Hotel is located close to the town of Negril, across the cliffs of Pristine Cove. It’s a unique retreat that attempts to recreate the connection between man and nature and to allow its guests to have a taste of Africa village life. The hotel, together with its restaurant and bar, form a sort of village. It’s a wonderful retreat, sitting in the middle of nature, for all those who seek privacy and wish to relax and regenerate.

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The hotel features a superb deck suspended above the Pristine Cove. As you can imagine, the views in such a place are unique and constitute a very important factor. The guests can enjoy relaxing moments in their rooms, visit the hotel’s restaurant with a menu inspired by the best Jamaican and Caribbean street food or the rum bar Pushcart with reggae music. The hotel also offers a beautiful infinity pool situated in a clifftop rock garden, surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

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The atmosphere there is exotic and always festive. It’s not the type f festive usually seen in big cities but rather the type that’s closer to nature. It’s a wonderful getaway location that offers timber bungalows with views of the Caribbean Sea and the gardens. The hotel also has a series of studios with custom-made furniture and a spa with a massage cabana, a Caribbean drench hut and a yoga pavilion.Available form 125$/night.