The Rock Chair rocks!

Something I’ve always wanted, but never had, is a rocking chair. Probably the most frequent image of a rocking chair is followed by the one of a nice granny knitting. Well I’m no granny, but I sure love to knit and read, so my old obsession for the rocking chair it’s quite understandable. I just can’t stop dreaming of reading a good book while balancing in a cosy chair!

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Fredrik Färg’s rocking chair made my wish even harder to resist. The designer created in 2011 for Design House Stockholm a new face for the rocking chair, but it seems the beginning of the story is a little older than that. Back in Gothenburg HDK School of Design and Crafts, Fredrik Färg was given the task to create an armchair using only MDF boards and a jigsaw, with no hinge, screw or hidden element. The student kept in mind his idea and used it smartly on his Rock Chair!

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The result is that the Rock Chair rocks! The chair combines the traditional rocking chair with modern design elements. The body is composed of five pieces, easy to fit together like in a Lego or puzzle, without any additional materials or accessories.  To make it more relaxing, the designer created round-shaped easily removable soft leather or canvas cushions. Due to its last year successfully debut, Fredrik Färg’s Rock Chair was displayed on the cover of the 2012 catalogue which celebrates the 20th birthday of Design House Stockholm.