The revolutionary Panton chair, a classic that defines style and beauty

The initial image of the chair was the classic one: four feet, a steal and later a backrest as well. But then another classic was created and this one was nothing like the previous versions. It was a revolutionary piece that reinvented the chair. It was the Panton chair. Its curvaceous lines and continuous design were a remarkable change and the way it followed the human body’s silhouette was very attractive as well.

Wood table pantone white chairsView in gallery
A beautiful mix of rustic and modern.Just the right balance of warmth and cool.

Today the Panton chair is no longer as impressive as it used to be but it’s still a classic and one of the pieces that could never look outdated or out of fashion. The design of the Panton chair is very stylish and chic but it’s also extremely versatile. It’s why we have included it almost everywhere. The Panton chair is a wonderful addition to dining rooms, the place it’s the most popular. But its beautiful silhouette allows it to also be used as a desk chair and to further be used on terraces, in lobbies and all sorts of other spaces.

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Table attached to island and orange chairs
Home office pantoneView in gallery
Modern chair with a busy inspirational wall
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A beautiful dining room with large windows and Panton chairs
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Panton chairs and Turkish kilim rug
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These green-yellow panton chairs add a touch of freshness
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Vintage and modern dining room

Designed by Verner Panton, this polypropylene chair has changed the way we used to envision these common pieces of furniture. It had an immense success and has inspired many other designs. The dimensions of the Panton chair are 19.75″ W x 32.5″ H x 23.5″ D which makes it perfect for the dining room. The variety of colors it comes in further increases its versatility and allows us to use it in numerous ways and in all types of decors. Whether it’s a neutral white or a bold yellow or red, the Panton chair will always stand out with its stylish design and mesmerizing silhouette.Available for 295$.

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