The Revolutionary Hoxton Hotel in London

The Hoxton Hotel is a revolutionary building but not as seen at the present moment. It doesn’t have a futuristic design. However, when it first opened in doors back in 2006, it was a very inspiring project. It served as a model for many of London’s hotels. The innovation was not related to style in particular. The major element that impressed everyone else was the great balance between the budget used to build the hotel and the extremely stylish result.

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The hotel sits on what used to be an old car park, close to the Liverpool Street railway station. It’s a luxurious hotel with a very well designed structure. The style chosen was a mix of industrial and glamorous elements. The result was a casual and yet sophisticated look with lots of interesting details. The hotel has six floors and a total of 205 guest rooms. The rooms were designed to be comfortable and inviting, without sacrificing style.

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All the rooms feature puffy duck-down duvets, 300 count thread linen bedding and comfortable mattresses. The walls of the rooms are not covered with artwork or posters, instead, sketches of the London’s skyline were created. It’s a simple and chic detail. And the hotel also has a surprise for all those vising the city for the Olympics: five rooms available for just £1 for the period between July 1 and September 30.