The retro Library Chandelier

A chandelier is always an elegant touch to any interior. It adds a certain style, it creates a certain distinguished atmosphere that can’t really be recreated with anything else. Chandeliers are usually antique or retro, sometimes modern. The so called Modern Library Chandelier is not as much modern as it is retro.

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The chandelier has a sophisticated design, not that complex but elegant and chic. It’s been handcrafted of a combination of wood and brass.The choice of materials has also been a factor when determining the particular style this chandelier approaches. It’s also been hand finished and it has a rich texture, not the kind you get using other types of techniques. In order to make it seem even more authentic and also to try to recreate a certain antique look, the chandelier also has natural parchment shades.

The Modern Library Chandelier’s general dimensions are 27″Dia. x 46.5″T with 6’L chain. It comes with a ceiling canopy and it uses eight 60=watt bulbs that need to be purchased separately. Professional installation is required. This lovely rustic chandelier can be purchased for the price of $1,725,00. It would look beautiful in a chic living room but it would also make a great addition to other spaces as well, like the dining room for example or the library, since the name already suggests that.