The Renovated And Extended Moody Cabin Found In Telluride, Colorado

The Moody Cabin is located in Telluride, Colorado, USA. Its unusual but suggestive name suits it well as the cabin has a rough, rustic design but, at the same time, it has that charm that\s typical to this type of constructions. Originally built in the 80s, the cabin has a long and rich history and lots of stories to tell. It had a nice design and inviting from the beginning but, with time, it started to show its age. Even a timeless design needs to be updated and renovated from time to time.

Moody wood cabin7

A while ago, the cabin was renovated. It was a project developed by Colorado-based architectural firm TruLinea Architects. Besides renovating and updating the design and décor of the cabin, the architects also extended this place, making it more spacious and allowing room for more activities.

Moody wood cabin1

Moody wood cabin2

Moody wood cabin3

The renovation and extension project was completed in 2009. The cabin then gained a whole new look. It went from old to new, from rustic to modern.But even though the changes made were significant, the Moody Cabin maintained its unique charm.Any of the modern features and details were designed to blend in rather than to take over the whole décor. This way the interior of the cabin is a harmonious space while the exterior has remained almost unchanged, the cabin seamlessly integrates into the landscape and this allows it to have a very special and unique relationship with the surrounding nature.

Moody wood cabin4

Moody wood cabin5

Moody wood cabin6

Like most mountain cabins, this place aims at being cozy and inviting. The atmosphere inside is warm and welcoming even though the décor is sometimes contrasting. This only makes the cabin unique. In fact, the owners specifically said that they wanted this cabin to be rough, organic and timeless and it’s exactly what they got. The combination of rustic and modern is indeed delightful.