The Redesigned Villa Piedad in San Sebastián, Spain

This modern home that you see here is called Villa Piedad which could be translated as “mercy house”. It’s located in San Sebastián, Spain and it has a very interesting history. Originally, on this plot used to be a two-family house that was originally built in 1950. Later on, the house was divided up into 8 tiny flats. This villa is the result of rebuilding and redesigned one half of the under-roof space from the original structure.

Villa piedad marta badiola

The flat was a space with low ceilings and 5 tiny rooms. It was in very bad shape so the first solution was to demolish everything, including the roof. Then a square space was revealed. The 57 square meter space that you see now was created in 2010. It was a challenging project by architect Marta Badiola. The main goals were to convert the space into a livable home, to use it more appropriately and to give it a fresh and modern look.

Villa piedad marta badiola1

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The main living area is spacious and it has views of the city. The villa is a two-level space. The volumes are separated but they are also connected at the same time. The mezzanine level houses a studio but it’s actually a multifunctional space that can be turned into a guest bedroom when needed. The kitchen is connected to the living room and the bedroom is separated from the rest of the rooms, serving as a calm and tranquil retreat. As for the interior design, it’s simple, space-efficient, modern and inviting.{found on archdaily and pics by Francisco Berreteaga}.