Isolated Resort in Seychelles Makes The Most Of The Local Treasures

Situated at the northern edge of the Praslin island in Seychelles, the Raffles Resort is one of the biggest and most beautiful vacation destinations in the area. Its isolation makes it particularly attractive, being very appreciated by those who prefer privacy and seek a relaxing and tranquil experience.

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The resort is comprised of a total of 86 villas. These can either have one or two bedrooms and offer wonderful amenities such as their own private plunge pools and outdoor pavilions. The villas are set of gentle slopes, the resort being located on a green hill overlooking the Indian Ocean.

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The views are definitely one of the main attractions but not the only great thing to look forward to. The resort has a luxury spa with 13 open-air treatment pavilions, a perfect place for those who seek relaxation and a way to get in touch with nature and their surroundings.

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There are also five restaurants and bars that serve Mediterranean cuisine with local influences and exotic cocktails. The rooftop lounge lets the visitors admire the wonderful panoramic views while having fun and relaxing.

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There’s also a gym for those with an active lifestyle and the resort offers a yoga teacher ready to initiate those interested in the art of spiritual and mental freedom, helping them achieve balance between body and mind. Of course, if a more private experience is what you seek, you can always just relax in your own villa and enjoy the pool and views.

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The villas are spacious and luxurious, with welcoming interiors and a décor that’s both stylish and practical. They offer large work desks, comfortable sofas, oversized tubs and a really nice and casual ambiance. The wood accents add warmth to the interiors without overwhelming them, being complemented by blue and green accents inspired by the surroundings.