The Quby storage unit by Stefan Bench

Quby is an unconventional storage unit designed by B-line for items such as books and DVDs. It has a playful design and a versatile look that makes it great for modern and contemporary homes. Quby was designed by Stefan Bench for B-Line. It was conceived as a unit for displaying books of all sizes and DVDs. It’s a versatile piece of furniture composed of several modules with the same dimensions that have been stacked in order to create a compact unit.

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Each individual module can also be used as such. However, it can also be used to create a more elaborate shape and to form the bookcase that you see in the pictures. The modules are made of rotomoulded polyethylene. All the modules have the same shape, same dimensions and same design. The only difference between them is that they feature different colors. This way you can combine them to form a multicolored piece of furniture.

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You can sue the color-system to sort your books. You can also sue the modules to create different selections. For example, one module could be used to sort novels or poetry and another one can be used for science-fiction. The Quby unit can also be sued to store DVDs. The half shelf that each module features allows you to store books of different sizes or to arrange the DVDs on two levels. The way you use the Quby is up to you.