The Pumpkin Color Anson Sofa

Since there are so many different designs and styles for the sofa, we never get tired of discovering new creations and presenting them to you. This is the Anson sofa. It’s a rather simple but elegant and very comfortable piece of furniture. It has a compact design and it’s not one of those sofas you can sink into.

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Anson is a very comfortable sofa but, even so, the cushions hold shape. It’s a well-made item and it’s also a versatile piece. However, it would look best in lounge areas or in other small spaces. The Anson sofa is available in two sizes. You can choose between the 86’’ sofa or the 78’’ version. The first one measures 86w x 35d x 30h and the small version measures 78w x 35d x 30h. They are both equally elegant and good-looking.

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As for the materials used to craft it, the sofa has a sturdy and durable frame and beautiful upholstery. It only comes in leather but you have freedom of choosing the exact type and texture of leather you want. Also, there are several colors available to choose from such as white, Dijon, camel, plum, teak, brown, black or pumpkin. If none of these colors matches with what you had in mind you can also customize the sofa and create your own customized version. The Anson sofa can be purchased for the price of $3,199.00.