The Protection furniture collection for kids

Protection is a playful furniture collection created by Korean designers Jaekyoung Kim and Hyunjin Seo. Its name is also the most important aspect to take into consideration when designing something to be used by children. The collection was designed to be enjoyed by both parents and children.

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The pieces are simple and chic, they have functional designs but they are also friendly and have playful shapes that make them fun and appealing to children. The collection includes a lovely, child-size dresser, a series of ottoman shaped like train wagons, a table with storage pockets on its base as well as a cute baby bed. They all feature soft lines, smooth edges and rounded corners. They are made from materials with friendly surfaces and compositions and they have simple and functional designs.

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One of the most attractive pieces is the set of ottomans. They all have wheels and they are interconnected using soft rope. One of them is the locomotive of the train and has a different design. It was a very creative idea. The table is also very ingenious. It has pockets attached to the bottom of the base, where children can easily reach them. They can be used to store books, magazines and other items children use. The dresser is very cute as well. Its small dimensions make it seem particularly lovely. It has drawers, open shelves and a place to hang clothes. What’s particularly beautiful about this collection is the fact that the colors are mostly natural.