The practical Klaffi shelf

Small places are usually problematic because there’s not much room for storage units. You have to be creative and find a way to include everything you need and still have an airy and décor with plenty of space to move around. In such cases the Klaffi shelf would be perfect.

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This is a very practical and functional piece of furniture. It’s great for small homes because it doesn’t take much space. In fact, you will only notice it when it’s open because otherwise it’s one and the same with the wall. When it closed, the unit lays flat against the wall. It’s a very ingenious and very practical design. The Klaffi shelf was designed by Finnish Eeva Lithovius. It’s actually a very versatile and modular item as well. You can use it as a single unit or you can group several shelves together to form a more complex storage unit.

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The Klaffi shelf is great for things such as books, magazines, documents, decorations, supplies and basically anything else you can think of that fits. It’s being manufactured by Elsa and it comes in two different sizes. You can choose between the small Klaffi shelf that measures 25 cm in width, 6 cm/15 cm in depth and 190 cm in height or the large Klaffi shelf with the dimensions of Width 36 cm, depth 6 cm/25,5 cm, height 190 cm. The unit is crafted of lacquered MDF and it comes in white, black or natural wood.