The PP129 ergonomic chair by Hans Jørgen Wegner

For a chair, the main issue and the key to a successful design is comfort. A chair needs to be, first of all, comfortable and to allow the user to adopt a correct and pleasant position. It’s a big challenge for any designer. PP129 is a great success from this point of view. Of course, the chair also excels in terms of design and visual appeal.

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PP129 was designed by Hans Jørgen Wegner for PP Møbler. It’s an ergonomic armchair and it has a simple and casual design. Surprisingly, the chair was designed in 1968. Even so, it still has a modern appearance. It’s a proof that great designs are timeless and are highly appreciated, even after all these years. The chair has a frame made from solid wood. The frame is very simple and features curved edges and clean-cut lines.

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Also called the Web Chair, this piece has a strong and sturdy construction and yet it seems very sleek and delicate. The greatest feature of this piece is the fact that it’s a very cofmrotable easy chair. Even though it was designed back in 1968, the chair has not been in production for decades. After all these years, PP Møbler started manufacturing it again in the spring of 2012. It has a simple but refined look and it’s also versatile.