The power pet electronic pet door – a mart accessory for a smart pet

When you decide to get a pet companion, there are lots of things to take into consideration before actually making the purchase. It you wish to have a dog, you need to decide whether or not you have the space for a large dog or if you should just go ahead and get a cute small dog. Then of course, there’s the biggest problem. If you’re the type of person that enjoys sleeping until noon, a dog is not the best option for you as it needs to be taken for a walk at the first hours of the morning. But there is still hope.

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The Power Pet electronic pet door now makes it possible even for those that are a little lazier than they should be to have a dog and to be able to properly care for it. This electronic pet door will let your dog out for it. It does that while also keeping uninvited guests out, something that regular pet doors can’t do. The door comes in several sizes and is available for dogs up to 100 pounds. The price starts from $270 and rises with the dimensions.

The Power Pet door slides vertically in order to let your pet in or out. It does that thanks to its incorporated motor. Not only that, but it’s also a smart door. It opens and closes based on the proximity of an ultrasonic collar that your pet needs to wear in order for the door to function. The door will also sense the direction that the collar is facing to and thus avoids accidental openings. The Power Pet operates on a standards A/C wall adapter or a rechargeable 12V battery. It can be set to in only, out only, in an out as well as closed and locked.