The Pocket cabinets from Arclinea

With a simple but clever design, the Easy Pocket Box from Arclinea offers you the perfect storage solution. The Pocket high cabinets are versatile and elegant and they would pretty much fit in any room of the house. You can sue them in the living room, in the dining room, in the bedroom, kitchen or even in the office. It solves your storage problems and it also adds style to the décor.

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The Pocket cabinets were designed by Arclinea. They have a versatile design, both modern and elegant. The cabinets have sliding and folding doors for easy access and for a minimalist look. They allow you to easily and functionally plan and organize your storage areas. The unit would make a great addition to the kitchen. It will offer you multiple storage compartment for utensils, dinnerware and al sorts of items.

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The Pocket high cabinets also have a display area in the middle. You can use as a wine rack or a place to display and store glasses since there’s also a hanging system integrated into the design. This unit will allow you to functionally plan and organize your kitchen and it will ensure the optimal use of space. It has a simple design that allows it to be versatile and to easily fit in a variety of different decors. The black doors and white insertions, along with the natural wood finish from the middle area create a harmonious combination.