The “play” children’s furniture collection by jesper k. thomsen

Kids are often more complicated than we anticipate it. They never cease to surprise and there’s always something new to learn about them. Still, they all share something in common and it’s a constant that never changes: they all like to play. This term has become a key-word in a jesper k. thomsen who created a furniture collection designed for kids and which is called simply “play”.

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The collection includes a bench, a table, a chair, an easel and a soapbox car. They all share similar features and they all come in the same bright color, a vivid tone of yellow. The collection is designed for older kids that are already involved in school activities and that got past all the child-safe pieces of furniture.

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This is collection that focuses on children and on the way they perceive the world. The designer tried to see through their eyes and to create a collection that would really speak to them, that will make them want to have it in their room. He managed to create a series of furniture that is as playful as the children’s minds. The furniture is manufactured in Denmark at a local carpenter’s shop and it’s part of normann copenhagen’s new Danish modern collection. For more information you can visit normann copenhagen’s website and also take a look at some other creations.