The Phantom swivel chair

This dramatic-looking chair is the perfect way to spice up the décor. It has an unusual design and a matching name. The Phantom chair has a very beautiful silhouette and an overall design that allows it to be integrated in a multitude of different decors. It’s probably called the Phantom because of its dramatic design. It’s a low chair with no legs and a high back.

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It’s upholstered in Italian velvet and this adds even more drama to the design. Moreover, the color is a very beautiful tone of deep purple. It’s not a common color, but neither is the design of this chair or its name. Probably the most significant detail is the curvaceous back designed for extreme comfort. It’s a high back with a curved shape that hides the user and makes his appearance seem dramatic.

Moreover, because of the fact that the chair has no legs and sits directly on the ground, it’s actually very comfortable. It has a double seat cushion, very soft and comfortable. In case you like the chair and wish to purchase it, you can expect delivery in 6-8 weeks. That’s because every piece is custom made and carefully crafted. The Phantom chair can be bought for £1,500.00. Because it’s covered with fine velvet, special care is required. Try to avoid spillages and, in case it happens anyway, remove liquid spills immediately with an absorbent cloth or paper towel to prevent staining.