The Pastel Critter Chair Collection

This is the Pastel Critter Chair Collection. It’s a very beautiful set of chairs that were designed for kids. The chair feature very beautiful designs. They are shaped like plush animals and they are very soft and comfy. The chairs are basically big stuffed animals and they are very cuddly.

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The chair measures 20’’ in diameter and they are made of polyester chamois with lofty polyester fill. They also have generous cushions that offer firm, comfortable support. The outer shell of the chair is made of supersoft polyester chamois and the inner lining is 65% cotton and 35% polyester. The collection includes several different designs: hippo, lamb, bunny, frog and elephant.

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Each of the hippo, bunny and lamb chairs measures 20’’ in diameter and 23’’ in height. The frog’s dimensions are 20″ diameter, 20″ high and the elephant measures 20″ wide x 23″ deep x 20.5″ high. The seat of the chairs measures 9’’ in height and they weight 7 pounds. You can buy these cuddly and soft animal-shaped chairs for your kids with EUR96.44. They are very soft and comfy and I’m sure all kids love them. In fact, I actually used a similar chair and I have to say it’s very cozy, even for adults. This collection features pastels colors, especially chosen for kids.