The Parabolica swivel armchair

The swivel armchair is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. It’s a great addition to the living room as extra seating areas but it’s also great for offices, libraries and even cozy bars and other public places. Parabolica is a multi award-winning design and a symbol among swivel armchairs.

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The Parabolica armchair was designed in 2009 by Stefan Heiliger and it was very successful ever since. This is because is manages to bring something different o the table while not changing too much. Notice the irregular shape and the somewhat futuristic look of this chair. It’s interesting and original. However, it is not totally different from regular armchairs. It has an inverted disc shape that allows the user to sit comfortable and relax while working or to simply melt in the chair while watching TV or reading a book.

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The design of the armchair is not purely aesthetic. It’s also functional. The Parabolic armchair offers the user three different sitting positions: relaxed, the normal working position or the option of working with the armrests as a worktop. Moreover, this is a chair that can be sued both inside and out and offers several different covering options. The chair’s approximate dimensions are 95 W x 150 D x 82 H (cm). It has a metal frame with wooden elements and variable upholstery.