The OTTO stove top espresso maker

This is the OTTO stove top espresso maker. It has a design inspired by the legendary Atomic Espresso Machine designed by Giordano Robiatti in 1947. In fact, this espresso maker copies the Atomic Espresso Machine and its beautiful mid-century design. It could be considered an elegant homage to the 1947 creation.

The stove top was first launched in 2008. However, it took three more years to come up with the final version. The final product was introduced to the market in late 2011. Several changes were made but they mostly relate to the technical part. The stove top has the same voluptuous forms that it had back in 2008. It’s a stylish and modern piece with a popular design. Even though it’s a modern creation and a masterpiece in the domain, the OTTO stove top espresso maker doesn’t rely only on technical elements. In fact, it’s not one of those machines that only require you to push one button.

The stove top is a little more old-fashion. It’s a product that requires your attention and a bit of familiarity to this type of items in order to maximize the potential. However, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s quite easy to operate and if you have any trouble, it also includes a DVD with all the instructions you need for using the machine. The stove top also comes with two Italian latte glasses, a stainless milk jug, and a custom tamper. Moreover, you can take it with you everywhere you go because you can also opt for a robust premium travel case. Available for 850$.