The Orange House in Memphis

There are times when there isn’t much you can do about the front façade of the house and you have to use height as an important factor to still manage a spacious outlook. This is what Archimania resorted to do for the orange house located in Memphis in the  state of Tennessee. The speculative modern house conductive to urban family living only manages to get the pedestrian and parking in the front due to the space constraints but at the back, the facility does offer a lot more. The two-storey dwelling also gets an interior courtyard (understandably) and a rear pond as well. Other elements include a three-bedroom accommodation. The interior doors and the floors are made of wood and they keep the natural colour, which comes into a very nice contrast with the white walls and the black poles that support the building. It is a modern spacious residence and it has avery simple, yet refined interior design. The back side of the building features a large garage and everything has a natural look.

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Posted in Architecture on June 17, 2010

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