The Omaha Property in Nebraska

This is the Omaha residence. It’s an eclectic building that has a very unique and interesting story. The property belongs to Chip Davis, the founder of Christmas music group Mannheim Steamroller and is located typical wealthy Midwestern suburb of Omaha, Neb. The house sits on 9,000-square-feet of land and it’s composed of several barns and an observatory.

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Chip Davis lives there with his two white-coated wolves (technically 80% wolf/20% dog). The pets require a full-time trainer and they respond to commands in German. They also require a professional meat grinder to create their diet of sushi-grade raw salmon and whole chickens ground up with their bones. This property seems like the perfect home for the two lovely wolves and the owners is totally dedicated to his new hobby.

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The house is made of wood and stone and it looks quite normal when seen from the street. The interior is not extremely different wither. The furniture is simple and includes an L-shaped couch in the living room, a big-screen TV in front of it, a traditional wooden dining table in the dining room and several other similar items. However, what’s not that typical is Mr. Davis’s collection of replica Egyptian artifacts and a room full of antique musical instruments. The two wolves just complete the unique and unusual décor.{found on wsj}