The Olhuveli Resort, Where Traditional Architecture Is Combined With Contemporary Comfort

During summer, all we think about is the peace and relaxation that awaits us when we visit our favorite resorts. Those that prefer luxury have a very beautiful choice, the Olhuveli beach and spa resort. Located on the tip of South Malé Atoll,Maldives,the resort is a wonderful retreat visited annually by families and couples that seek relaxation.

Olhuveli Maldives Resort

The resort offer 164 rooms and villas, all featuring a very stylish combination of traditional architecture and contemporary interiors. The Jacuzzi villas are most appreciated. They are built on stills over the water and they offer privacy as well as amazing views. They have a Jacuzzi on the private sundeck and they are the perfect choice for those that prefer a tranquil and private atmosphere.

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Olhuveli Maldives Resort2

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Olhuveli Maldives Resort5

Olhuveli Maldives Resort6

The resort also offers a series of two-bedroom suites, all featuring stunning views. They each have their own dressing room and luxury bathrooms. Also, private plunge pools with Jacuzzi can be enjoyed.

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This wonderful luxury resort also offers an over-water restaurant that serves delicious meals and offers magnificent views over the lagoon. The guests have a choice between Asian, Japanese, Indian, Thai and Maldivian cuisine. Also, there are three bars that offer entertainment. One is for nightly entertainment, one for relaxing by the pool and one is perfect for the whole family. And while you’re here you can also attend diving courses for a more adventurous vacation or relax at the spa.