The Ogle Pendant Lamp by Form Us With Love

A pendant lamp is a type of hanging ceiling lamp that really does looks like a pendant. It provides beauty, form, and function to any room and is generally inexpensive. Although they are similar, chandeliers are generally larger and more flamboyant.

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Created by a Swedish design studio Form Us With Love, the Ogle Pendant Lamp combine the elegance with abstract and fantasy. The Ogle project can be used to provide the three main types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. I really like the design of these pendants. They seem like little creatures like are watching your every move, analyzing your behavior. It might seem a little creepy or paranoia but I find it fun. It’s a great project and I really like it.

This type of pendant could be incorporated in the home design, if you have a large house and enough space, so that it doesn’t look weird. You could also use it in the office or in larger spaces like clubs and other similar structures. The design of the pendant is very simple. The only interesting detail is the shape. I like the mate finish. The pendant is made from multiple similar structures that are hanging at different heights. It only comes in black, but the contrast between the black color and the light is very beautiful. You can adjust the intensity of the light to make it more pleasant.