The Nolitan Hotel Interior Design by Grzywinski+Pons

Nolita’s first luxury boutique hotel is ready to welcome visitors all over the world. The guests will be able to enjoy five-star dining as well as a very friendly and comfortable stay. The chic new hotel offer underground clubs, posh music venues and modern art boutiques together with comfy and inviting rooms. The hotel was designed by New York Based design firm Grzywinski+Pons.

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Because the architects working at this project were native inhabitants and were familiar with the neighborhood, they knew exactly how to work in order to incorporate the new building in the surroundings and to make it feel part of the community. The architecture team worked closely with Edmond Li, Owner of Veracity Development and together they managed to create a very warm hotel where everyone would feel like home.

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The managed to do by using warm woods, leathers and bear skin rugs, together with other friendly elements. The hotel also features a floor-to-ceiling bookcase together with long, family-style sofas for comfortable and pleasant moments. The hotel offers 55 suites and a roof deck with incredibly beautiful views. The rooms are decorated in neutral and quiet tones like grey, tan and white, creating a very relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Some rooms have balconies while others have floor-to-ceiling glass windows, so everyone would be able to enjoy the beautiful views.