The NOI Hotel in Chile

Located in a neighborhood populated by some of the most renowned shops of Santiago as well as many restaurants, bars, coffee shops and art galleries, the NOI Hotel in an impressive building that occupies a surface of 2,688.23 square meters. The hotel was a project by Jorge Figueroa + Asociados and it was completed in 2009.

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This imposing new building is located in Vitacura, in the Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile. It’s situated in an emergent neighborhood, between two streets. It’s a very well structured and organized space and it takes full advantage of its location. As you enter, the hall provides you with a clear view of the internal distribution of spaces. The hotel has 10 floors built above the ground plus 5 more underground level. Floors 2 to 8 are occupied by 87 spacious and beautiful rooms. The hotel’s top floor contains a lounge terrace with views of the surrounding area.

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The parking lots are situated on the -4th floor if we also count the underground levels. On the -3 level are the conference and convention rooms. The -2 and -1 floors contain the main kitchen, the hotel’s restaurant and a public restaurant. The 1st floor features a set of bridges that connect the spaces between the elevator and the rooms. Each floor has a clear and precise function and this way the hotel is very well organized and it’s easy for everyone to get around.{found on archdaily}.