The Newly-Renovated Almyra Hotel in Cyprus

Among the large variety of beautiful summer destinations, the Almyra Hotel is like a white precious gem. The hotel is located in Cyprus and it has been renovated by Thanos Michaelides and as a result it was transformed into a chic and sleek island jewel. It has a modern and minimalist design and the exterior is completely white.

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The hotel is very tastefully decorated. The exterior is white and the interior features black and white combinations. The furniture used throughout is sleek and modern. The hotel now has a very chic look defined by timeless beauty. The interior décor is eclectic. The overall minimalism is beautifully complemented by some very beautiful details such as the byzantine chandeliers that can be seen in the lobby and in the restaurant. The white leather sofas are reminiscent of the 1970s while the oak wood tables add warmth and cozyness to the décor.

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The Almyra hotel offers superb ocean views that can be admired from almost all the rooms. All the hotel’s guest rooms and suites are spacious and airy. It’s because the hotel focuses on offering beautiful family experience and thus it offers ample social spaces for the whole family. It also offers two freshwater pools, both new additions. The rooms are charming and very serene, thanks to their balanced and calming interior designs.