The New Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, NY

The Wythe Hotel is located in Brooklyn, New York. As is exterior suggests, it’s not a recent building. In fact, the hotel was originally a factory that was built back in 1901. The old factory was later converted and it now serves as a cozy, old-school hotel.The building which is now the Wythe Hotel is located on the Williamsburg Brooklyn waterfront and it offers some really nice panoramic views of the city.

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The original factory was built in 1901 as a cooperage and, even though very old, the same detail also made it very valuable and historically significant. It’s why the building was preserved and renovated and then converted into a hotel, rather than just building a new structure from scratch. Its history is unique and can’t be recreated.

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The passage from an industrial building to a cozy and welcoming one was not easy. To create an interior consistent with the hotel’s exterior design, the architects and interior designers agreed on a vintage look. The hotel’s 72 rooms, even though featuring modern fixtures and electronics, have a rustic, austere look.

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The walls are partially covered with vintage wallpaper and the whole décor is sharing the same style. The wallpaper was designed by illustrator Dan Funderburgh. The rooms’ charming old flavor is also enhanced by the use of vintage furniture in both neutral and bright colors.