The new PVP Office by Bureau de Bank

PVP is a foundation protecting client rights in the Dutch mental healthcare sector. The staff reached a point when an office was a real necessity. As a result, Bureau de Bank was asked to take over this project. The PVP office they created in located in Utrecht, the Netherlands.The local designers were asked to think out of the box and to come up with a functional and ingenious design.

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First, the designers needed to have a long discussion with the company’s director. From that they learned that the company works with several sectors that don’t always see eye to eye. Their work is not easy and neither was this project. The team of designers came up with a concept that translates these contrasts into an interior-exterior design. They created a clubhouse-like environment. It’s a casual look that encourages communicativity and creativity.

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The floor is covered with leftover batches of carpet tiles used to create a colorful and ingenious composition. Different colors and textures were used and the result was an original and out-of-the-box design, just how the clients wanted. And since recycling turned out to be so much fun, the designers also decided to use second-hand cabinets.

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They repainted them and integrated them into the new design. Some of the cabinet windows feature decorative PET panels, another creative idea. The office also features a moss wall. It adds color to the design and it’s also a beautiful green addition. It creates a fresh environment without taking floor space as the plat pots would.