The New IKEA 2012 Catalog

IKEA is a famous brand in the of furniture design. Everybody knows about their wonderful projects that managed to fill up our homes with color and new ideas. Perhaps not everybody had the opportunity to see the new IKEA 2012 Catalog that now you have the chance to watch it in case you see this article.

IKEA Cover 2012View in gallery

The Swedish furniture designer, IKEA has always known to take advantage of any free space and transform it into a splendid living area. It knows how to maximize the use of any small space and create a wonderful and comfortable area where you can feel nice and safe. It is the motif for which they posted on the cover-page of the catalog their philosophy which is based on the principle that” A home doesn’t need to be big, just smart”.

The catalog presents spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, workspaces and kids rooms which feature the specific style used by IKEA.

2012 IKEA Bedroom Design Ideas

Ikea antique bedroomView in gallery

Ikea japanese bedroom

Ikea small bedroom with no closet

Ikea city bedroom

Ikea city living room

Ikea traditional bedroom

Ikea attic bedroomView in gallery

Ikea country bedroom

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The bedrooms have different styles which can suit any taste from the country bedroom to the city bedroom or the attic bedroom. IKEA insists on the use no closets which will have maximize the space of these bedrooms. Instead of them IKEA proposes the use of shelves that can be covered by a curtain and thus you get an original storage space.

2012 IKEA Kitchen design ideas

Ikea beautiful kitchenView in gallery

Ikea kitchen and nook

Ikea blue living areaView in gallery

Ikea brown kitchenView in gallery

Ikea cherrywood kitchenView in gallery

Ikea green and white kitchen

Ikea large white kitchen

For the kitchens IKEA insists on the use of large spaces and the extensive use of shelves, racks or cupboards.

2012 IKEA Workspaces

Ikea fold out workspaceView in gallery

Ikea green and white workspaceView in gallery

Ikea tiny workspace

Ikea small workspace

The workspaces have different sizes and are presented in various styles. There is also presented a workspace inside the kitchen which will offer you the opportunity to cook while you can also be near your office desk.

2012 IKEA Kids room

Ikea kid play roomView in gallery

Ikea kids green play areaView in gallery

Ikea kids shared room1View in gallery

The kids rooms are also designed on the same principle of transforming small spaces into adorable rooms which will make you even think of getting small spaces so that you can get these wonderful designs.

2012 IKEA Living room design ideas

Ikea large living areaView in gallery

Ikea grey living area

Ikea Dark Living Area

Ikea Living Area with ShelvesView in gallery

Ikea mod living areaView in gallery

Ikea red living roomView in gallery

Ikea small kitchen and breakfast nookView in gallery

Ikea white cozy living areaView in gallery

Ikea White living areaView in gallery

The living rooms are colorful and comfortable. There is a space, for example which seems to be divided into more many “zones” which actually may represent some other “rooms”. It is an all in one living room where you can find everything that you need in just one single room.

Take a look and see what suites you best from the new IKEA 2012 Catalog! Also the IKEA catalog is available for download.