The New Hyderabad House by Rajiv Saini & Associates

If you intend to get rid of the old design of your house and you plan to transform it into a new building then you may take a look at what Rajiv Saini & Associates have managed to create for some clients.They designed a remodel of an existing family home, located in Hyderabad, India. They used the old structure but they also created new spaces and used different materials like grey granite, marble, wood, steel and glass.

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They have created a new pool with a pavilion which will become wonderful places for relax and refreshment.The living room looks modern; it has artistic suspended lamps, wood decorative items, a futuristic shaped table and a divider wall which takes the shape of a honey comb.

The bedroom is dominated by wood. You may notice the wood shelves on the wall and a gorgeous side table of wood and glass.The kitchen is modern and stainless steel seems to be the most used material for this space.Although the study room has a simple design, the great, blue, rain drop shaped suspended lamp and the huge colored paintings bring color and diversity inside.

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Many of the spaces have bookcases and most of these rooms are wonderful, relaxing lecture spaces.For the bathrooms there was used white or colored marble and a lot of mirrors or glass walls. There are also many interior stairs which add dynamism to all these spaces.