The new House Hotel in Instabul by Autoban

When going in a vacation most of the times you end up in a hotel. And when choosing the hotel you need to consider the money you have, the conditions the hotel offers and the location. Usually people are willing to spend a little more money than they have previously anticipated as long as they can be reassured the hotel will offer a pleasant, relaxing and comfortable room. That’s what the new House Hotel attempts to do for all its clients.

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Re-designed by Autoban and located in Istanbul, this hotel gracefully combines historic elements with modern ones, creating a unique and very pleasant décor. The hotel was originally a historic building with a lot of distinctive details visible all over the place. It’s located in a very beautiful area, overlooking the Bosphorus River.

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It has been redesigned to fit the current demands and now it’s a combination of traditional and classical elements like the original wall panels or ceiling molding that have been preserved intact and some more modern elements like the contemporary lighting fixtures, the mirrors and the unexpected decorative trinkets scattered around.

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The hotel has 23 rooms and a very large dining area. It’s a very luxurious and, in the same time, comfortable place to spend the vacations.The classic details together the modern additions create a very unique atmosphere, pleasant and sophisticated in the same time.{pics credits: Ali Bekman}