The new Apple Campus in Copertino, California

Recently, there’s been some information about the design of the new Apple Campus that’s going to be built in California. The project is going to occupy a 98- acre site and it’s designed to accomodate 12.000 people. It’s definitely an ambitious project.

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In terms of design, Apple is known for the simplicity of all their products. Minimalism is a characteristic that defines this company. However, if we take a look at the design for this campus, it doesn’t really match the Apple style, it just doesn’t scream Apple. The simplicity is very visible, but there’s nothing that really makes you think of this company when looking at the pictures. Anyway, these are just a few preliminary ideas. As the pictures show us, the campus seems to be shaped like a large circle around a very nice garden.

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The parking area is going to be placed underground and there are going to be planted more trees. The most interesting thing about the campus is that it even includes its very own natural gas based generation plant. That’s impressive.The four-story round building has a futuristic look and when seen from above it reminds us of the spaceships and the round circles that some people believe were made by aliens. Because of the shape, everything is more difficult. It’s not easy to work with curved pieces. Anyway, all we can do now is wait until it’s finished.