The Nettleton 199 Beach Living House in Cape Town

And now … I will present you a few things about another beach living facility. The Nettleton 199 house is situated in Cape Town, South Africa and is a project made in collaboration with SAOTA and OKHA Interiors. The beginning idea was to create a building that maximizes the connection with the nature, through the views: first one, the most important, to the ocean, and the second one, to the mountain side of the site.

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The front of the house looks big, imposing, nobody knowing that in the back there is only a floor seated on the ground. Here, we can see the intimate side of this villa, where the garden is surrounded by bushes, shrubs and old trees that obstruct the neighbor’s view. An exterior dining table and a comfortable sofa stand there waiting for people to relax.

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Looking like a box, but with many glass walls and windows, that allow light in, this house has an unusual entrance, directly into the living area, a space with elegant furniture and interesting decorative objects. I have nothing bad to say about this place.

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The living area is a balanced combination of building materials. Concrete, steel, glass are warmed by wood, fiber textures and lightings, and the attention in decorating this place creates a natural and subtly organic décor. On the terrace, we can see a beautiful infinite swimming pool and some lounge chairs to relax on the sun, and if you wonder how it looks the master bedroom, the following pictures will show you. An intimate space separated by the living area through some wooden panels hung on the ceiling and a big glass wall located towards the Atlantic Ocean’s view. Overall, comfort has a paramount importance, focusing on a calming and peaceful ambiance.