The NEMO Mask Chair by Fabio Novembre

The mask had always the role of hiding something under it. It can be protective and it offers you the chance to become someone else.The mask is away of hiding or disguising your identity and at the same time it offers you the opportunity to get a new one. An example that made the mask famous is that if the Venetian carnival. It is an example where the mask is combined with a very nice costume.In Ancient Greek the comedy was represented by a happy mask and the tragedy by a sad one, so the actors wore masks.The Nemo Chair designed by the Italian architect Fabio Novembre has the same roles. It is high, so it protects your back and hides its inhabitant.

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It creates mystery, fantasy and gives you the impression that you are on an open theatrical scene, hidden under a mask. Now you have the chance to play any part you want in a story.