The Muro Llum Collection by Studio Vondom

Any home needs to light up once in a while. During the day the large windows and the glass walls can do all the work but during the night we all need to rely on artificial lighting. It’s not always as fun as it sounds. However, there are some items with some very interesting designs. One such example is the Muro Llumo display unit from the Llum collection.

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Designed by Studio Vondom, the pieces from this collection feature surprising, avant-garde designs. For example, the Muro Llum unit can’t be considered a simple table. It’s a unique decoration for the home and it can also be used outdoors. It has a minimalist and versatile design and it will literary make the room brighter. The unit comes in white or red and it can be used as s source of light during the night. Moreover, it’s a wonderful accessory for both indoor and outdoor areas.

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The built-in light bulbs of the container can transform any space. It’s a great accessory for the living room but it would make a wonderful addition to outdoor areas such as terraces, gardens, decks, etc. It created a warm and even romantic atmosphere. All the models from this collection have minimalist designs and wheels that allow you to easily move them from one place to another. The overall dimensions of this particular piece are 1200 mm length x 400 mm width x 800 mm height. You can use it to plant your favorite flowers and as a reward it will lighten up your way.