The MultiThread Furniture Collection

We all try to transform our interior design into a modern one. The first thing we do is rearranging the  furniture, decorations, accesories and so on, but I personally recommend 100 % modern furniture and  decorative objects like this multi thread collection that really looks amazing. It looks like energy! In the  creation of this collection a custom-made software was used , an evolving logic system developed by the designers themselves.

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This MultiThread collection was designed by Munich and Stockholm-based studio Kram / Weisshaar and features a series of force-driven structures that have a horizontal surface. This  wonderful collection has furniture  pieces that serve as tables, shelves or a desk. The support of the horizontal surface is made by a multitude of  inter-conected thin bars. For me this design looks a little bit from out of space. A table used on any other planet except ours. I’m saying that because it is so fresh that I can’t even understand it very well.

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Multithread table.

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Multithread shelf.

The multi thread collection was presented in the ‘Sala Pericoli’, in Milan, Italy 2012. This  unique five-piece collection was displayed among   carefully selected pieces from Nina Yashar’s collection of rare 19th and early 20th century antique Chinese carpets. The contrast between  modern and the antique had a great impact on the public. The antique carpets and the multi thread collection mixed up very well in the presentation process. If you have the chance I would suggest to  try one piece from this collection and convince yourself of  this other modern face of furniture.