The Multifunctional Tre Stool

One way of making a piece of furniture versatile is to give it a simple, neutral design. This works all the time. But there’s also another way. This option involves the creation of a multifunctional piece of furniture that could allow it to be useful in several different situations and environments. One such example is this tre stool.The stool can be used both as a desk and a bar stool. It’s just as useful in both situations.

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Usually, desk stools, mainly those used in offices, have a design that doesn’t really allow them to be sued anywhere else. But this time the designer of this stool managed to combine some of the characteristics of a desk stool with those of a bar stool and this was the result. The style chosen for it is a mix of vintage and industrial.

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The stool is also a customizable piece of furniture. It can be crafted with your choice of wood. The price differs according to the type of wood you choose. Some of the most popular options include pecan, walnut, maple, cypress and cedar but other options are also available. The average price is $325.00 but it may differ. The stool has a metal frame and wooden seat and back. It also has a wooden triangle-shaped structure that serves as footrest.