The multifunctional Poppi Desk

As we often notice, small spaces are particularly difficult to furnish. We have more and more needs every day and there are a lot of things we find necessary but there’s just not enough space for all of them. But, smart as we are, we find solutions for that. One of them and the most simple and practical is to opt for convertible or multifunctional pieces such as this one.

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Poppi is a transformable unit that can be used as a desk or a single bed. The Poppi Desk is part of the Poppi Collection that also includes other similar products. The collection is offered by CLEI. The great thing about the Poppi desk is that it has a very compact design. This allows it to be integrated in a variety of small spaces. It takes little floors space and it’s also very versatile inter ms of design, color or shape.

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The Poppi convertible unit is composed of a tilting bed and a tilting table. The bed is always ready to be used and has a slatted bed base. The Poppi desk is available either with a single bed (Poppi 90) or with an intermediate bed (Poppi 120). The same model can also come with no table. It’s a very interesting design, perfect for small spaces, teenager’s bedroom or other areas.